About Us

    The GCT headquarters was established in Germany in July 2003. It is committed to the development of CVD Diamond Coated Router Bits and Drills technology for PCB applications. As 5G, aerospace, automotive, sports and consumer electronics, semiconductor markets evolves, the more and more composite materials are used in the applications. GCT began to focus on the development of CVD Diamond Coating technology as the demand for machining these composite materials increases rapidly.

    The superior performance of GCT CVD Diamond Coating technology is in processing hard materials such as graphite, ceramics, ceramic composite materials, quartz, Al2O3, glass fiber composite materials, zirconia ZrO2, silicon carbide, silicon element materials, CFRP and glass fibre laminate materials. The unparalleled hardness and stability of GCT's CVD Diamond Coating technology greatly prolongs the tool life, making GCT diamond-coated router bits and drill bits the best choice for routing and drilling.